Some of our editable templates keep the PDF format. In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to edit them.

What I Need To Install In My Computer?

  • Install Adobe Reader DC to edit your template files. Adobe Reader DC is 100% FREE and can be installed on both Macs and PCs.Follow the link to download: Use the latest version always to prevent unexpected issues (substituting fonts, formatting, etc.)
  • You will NOT be able to edit your template on a mobile device or tablet.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! You will not be able to edit the templates using the default PDF viewer called “Preview” (Mac) or “Windows Reader” (PC).
    Editing your template in any other program will cause unexpected issues. If by chance you edited the file in a different program and saved it, please re-download the original file and start again using Adobe Reader DC.
  • Our templates do not require you to install any fonts.
Editable PDF Files 2

Your Editings Step-by-step

  1. Open Adobe Reader DC on your computer.
  2. To open your template: click in the top menu, on File > Open, and reach your downloaded template.
  3. To edit text: directly click in the highlighted text boxes (blue) and input your text.4.
    IMPORTANT! To change font and paragraph attributes like size, color, alignment, and spacing: Highlight the line of text that you want to change, then hold down Cmd+E (Mac) or Ctrl+E (PC) to open the Properties Bar. For longer words, you will need to decrease the font size first to increase the space for your writing; then change the text. For additional options on spacing and alignment, click on “More”.
  4. Save your file with a new name easy to identify in your folder.


Editable PDF Files 3


Editable PDF Files 4

Printing And Trimming At Home

Most files are formatted to print multiple per 8.5″x 11″, Letter (or A4) sheet. Check your listing for details. We recommend test printing before, to ensure the printer is properly aligning your print and can handle heavy card stock (90-110 lb or more). Paper that’s too thick could jam and damage print heads.
If you are purchasing a paper with a special surface (glossy, pearl, etc.) make sure that it will work with your printer type. Check the following settings for printing:

  • Page Scale: “100%” or “No Scaling”.
  • Size Option: “Actual Size”.
  • Remember to set the appropriate Paper Type into the dialog box.

Crop marks are included to indicate where to cut, using a paper trimmer (for quick and best results) or an X-ACTO knife and metal ruler (you can find tutorials online about how to cut using a trimmer or a knife). Scissors are not recommended for a neat finish.

Printing At Copy Center

Many shops as Staples, OfficeMax, FedEx Office, etc. let you send or upload a PDF files to their site, select a paper stock and simply pick up the print-outs in 1-2 days. They offer printing and cutting at a very reasonable price. Consider this option for large-format or heavy-ink prints (blackboards, full-color backgrounds, etc.). They also provide foam core mounting for an additional fee.
Most of our files are formatted 2-up or 4-up and will not work for many photo labs as they require 1-up files. If you have a particular printer you prefer to use that require 1-up files, we can adjust the file for a small fee.

Printing Partner program with ❤️ Prints of Love

• We partner with Prints of Love, professional and caring people who will assist you in your printing process. Follow this link: and stay in touch for great savings and customer service. They offer free 2-3 day U.S. shipping, 2-sided printing, and free standard envelopes!

• Printolife can manage the order for you! Leave us a message about “custom printing orders” for a quote if the option is not available on your product page and you don’t want to manage the printing process. We’ll be happy to help you!

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