ADOBE ACROBAT READER DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents.

• Install Adobe Reader DC to edit your template files. Adobe Reader DC is 100% FREE and can be installed on both Macs and PCs.
Follow the link to download: Use the latest version always to prevent unexpected issues (substituting fonts, formatting, etc.)
• You will NOT be able to edit your template on a mobile device or tablet.
• VERY IMPORTANT! You will not be able to edit the templates using the default PDF viewer called “Preview” (Mac) or “Windows Reader” (PC).
• Editing your template in any other program will cause unexpected issues. If by chance you edited the file in a different program and saved it, please re-download the original file and start again using Adobe Reader DC. Once purchased the template is yours to print as many times as you’d like! (Personal use only)
• Our templates do not require you to install any fonts.

Download your files into a new folder and rename it to be identified.
1. Open Adobe Reader DC on your computer.
2. Go to FILE > open your renamed template.
3. To edit text: directly click in the highlighted text boxes (blue) and input your text.
4. IMPORTANT! To change font and paragraph attributes like size, color, alignment, and spacing: Highlight the line of text that you want to change, then hold down Cmd+E (Mac) or Ctrl+E (PC) to open the Properties Bar (Form Field Text Properties). For longer names or sayings, you will need to decrease the font size first to increase the space for your writing; then change the text. For additional options on spacing and alignment, click on “More”.
5. Save your file or create many versions as you need! (FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY)

Some designs have editable background images: To replace the image field, click in the highlighted area then > Browse > A window will appear, to make your picture viewable click on > Acrobat PDF Files and reach other available formats like JPEG, PNG or TIFF. The “Select Icon” Window will show your image, then click OK. The image will be replaced. Background fields are
automatically aligned and centered to the bottom line, so choose a landscape or vertical image according to the template disposition for better results.
Ask for help if you need further assistance. You will not be able to edit your picture into Acrobat Reader DC. We can optimize your picture for an additional fee.